LOTS of ways to play in FEBRUARY!

by Grognard Games

We have a number of great events coming up this next month. Be aware days of that we have significant events may affect table availability so plan accordingly! 


  • This upcoming Friday is our second event of Ravnica Remastered DRAFT. 
  • On the 28th (this Saturday) Batavia is hosting the Dragonfall charity demo day. It's a great way to learn a new game! Additionally this is the first weekend to begin dropping off items for our BIZARRE BAZAAR hosted in Batavia. 
  • Murders at Karlov Manor pre-release sealed weekend will begin Feb 2nd. We will host a Draft on Friday and Sunday.
  • Saturday FEB. 3rd is our Monthly 40K Rogue Trader Tournament. 
  • (In Batavia Sat & Sun 3rd and 4th is Bizarre Bazaar).
  • Feb 9th is Murders at Karlov Manor Release weekend 7PM
  • Feb 10th Sat Dan Sons will be running FOW event
  • Feb 10th (IN BATAVIA!) will be the Star wars unlimited Demo with Asmodee from 6-10PM
  • Feb 17th is a play/demo day for Underworlds in Batavia
  • February 17th & 18th are the 2-Day AOS GT that is sold out in Roselle. Table space will be reserved all day in miniature room. 
  • Feb 23rd Will introduce the new Lorcana set INTO THE INKLANDS, MTG Ravnica Clue Edition will realease the same day. 
  • **FEB 23-25th is MTG CON as a reminder.**

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