We Buy Games


Grognard Games pays cash for used games/models!

Bring in your new and gently used board games, role-playing games, miniature game models, Magic the Gathering cards and Grognard Games will make you a cash or store credit offer. 

Items must be brought to the store, no offers will be made by any other means. (phone or email etc.)


Or you can sell for store credit...

A cash offer and/or a store credit offer will be made at the sole discretion of Grognard Games and there is no guarantee an offer will be made. Cash offers are typically half of what the store credit offer is. 

Transactions can be made most evenings during the week via walk-in. Please call or message the store for an appointment on weekends or for large lots. 

Magic the gathering trade-ins can be made any time, for large collections please call or message the store for an appointment.  


Things to Remember

We have to resell the item and make a profit. If you saw it for sale on Ebay for $25 don’t expect us to buy it for $25. 

Items must be in “saleable” condition. Extensively broken or worn items can be very difficult to sell, regardless of the price.  

Some items may be too valuable for us to purchase outright. In this instance, we can discuss consignment options. 

Cash payments over $50.00 will be made via company check.