Grognard Rules!

Well, I mean now we actually have rules. Don’t worry. There are only three:

1. No Swearing

2. Clean your mess

3. Have fun

  So what gives? Why rules? Let’s briefly explore each.   

Three Rules of Grognard Games

No Swearing

We should all strive to “use our words” in a civilized and polite society. We understand that sometimes we slip up or  get frustrated. 

We are not judging you as a person on any moral or religious basis if you swear. However, we are NOT in the business of running a clubhouse environment. 

This is a retail business and a place for our local community and family to gather and have fun.

We do not want this space to be in any way threatening, or awkward, or judgmental, for people of all ages and types.

A No Swearing policy will help ensure this is the case.

Clean Your Mess

Really, we are not your mom. If your mom would tell you to clean it up, then clean it up, especially food.

We allow customers to bring in food without question. When we first opened, we debated whether or not this would be the case. So please do us a favor and immediately clean your mess if you decide to eat in the store. Pizza boxes, Taco wrappers, soup bowls, empty drink containers, throw them out.

Mess is not just food, it’s also game bags, models, Magic cards and boxes, binders, papers, hobby supplies etc.

We have lots of tables, please clean your mess so that others can enjoy them! 

Have Fun

Obvious sure, but also it is meant to remind you that sportsmanship is a big part of the experience.

You came here on purpose to play a GAME!