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    When World War III broke out in August 1985, the British Army Of The Rhine (BAOR) had been defending the West, on the border between West Germany and East Germany, for just over forty years. These soldiers, the third generation of British soldiers to stand watch on the North German Plain, quickly proved their mettle.

    Inside you will find:
    * Background on the British Army, and the 1st & 3rd Armoured Divisions
    * Full army lists to build complete formations of tanks, troops and support, including Chieftains, Challengers, Mechanised Companies, Airmobile assets and Warrior fighting vehicles.
    * Four scenarios to test your mettle as a British Commander
    * Detailed Painting Guides to prepare your troops for combat

    A major change from Iron Maiden is that you can now take a Combat Unit from a Black Box as a Support Unit for your Force. Of course this is only if you haven’t already got one of these units in your Force already in one of your Formations (see page 79 of World War III: Team Yankee)

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