Tau Empire Optimised Pathfinder Team

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    Light reconnaissance units, Pathfinder Teams are the eyes and ears of their Commander in a way no drone can yet emulate. A Pathfinder’s foremost role is not to engage the enemy, but instead to operate ahead of their comrades, close to their foe, to accurately scout the enemy. They are aided in this task by their transport, the TY7 Devilfish; fast and maneuverable, it boasts a burst cannon for those times when stealth just doesn’t get the message of the greater good across.

    This great-value set contains a Tau Empire Pathfinder Team consisting of 10 Pathfinders, a Pulse Accelerator Drone, Recon Drone and Grav-inhibitor Drone, and a TY7 Devilfish.

    - $60.00

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