Heroes of Black Reach: Ultramarines Reinforcements

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    Determined to crush the beastly Orks once and for all, Captain Sicarius has called for reinforcements. Here you will find new units and recruitment options that you can add to your Ultramarines Army, offering new strategic and tactical options. There are also two new scenarios that highlight the new units. You can play these scenarios on their own, or add them to the campaign in the base game to discover the epic climax of the Battle for Black Reach!

    2 Scenarios
    Captain Sicarius
    Brother Vandius
    Champion Prabian
    Techmarine Millius
    Apothecary Venatio
    1 Tactical Squad
    1 Devastator Squad
    1 Assault Squad
    1 Terminator Squad
    1 Predator Annihilator Tank
    1 Vindicator Tank
    1 Land Raider Tank
    1 Dreadnought
    1 Land Speeder
    1 Thunderfire Cannon
    1 Attack Bike
    1 Servitors Unit
    1 Stormtalon Gunship
    1 Command Rhino
    Wargear, Vehicle Equipment, Psychic Powers, Command Options and Customizations

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 2
    Game Length: 30 minutes

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