Hametsu - School of Magic

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    Although the origins of the School of Magic are shrouded in mystery, we know that it was founded to train young children who showed potential with ki manipulation. In the past it has produced diviners, healers, and psychics to assist the daimyos that dotted the landscape. Since the Cataclysm, however, they have focused their efforts on producing potent spell casters capable of fighting back against the otherworldly forces. Delving into dark energies that spilled forth after initial contact with the Oni, the School of Magic has teetered on the edge of morality and dishonor in search of greater power. Casters from the School of Magic are not as hardy as most of their peers, but what they lack in resilience, they make up for in sheer explosive power.

    In this pack of 32mm scale resin minis you will receive:

    • 3x Hunter Miniatures


    Hametsu is a solo / co-op monster hunting game set in post-apocalyptic feudal Japan. You take on the role of Hunters, warriors trained to fight back against a tide of Oni demons and mythical creatures let loose by The Cataclysm. You will choose from nine distinct classes, spread across three different schools, and create interesting and powerful Hunters.

    Once your Hunters are ready it's time to head out in search of dangerous beasts. At the start of a game of Hametsu, you will have the element of surprise. Oni wander around the table, and are unaware of the Hunters’ presence. Once the alarm is raised, the Hunters will be pursued and targeted by the Oni until the Boss is found. Once it shows itself, it's up to you to bring it down!

    As you complete hunts and lead your Hunters down their class specific Path of Legend, you will level up, gain new abilities and equip ancient artifacts.

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