Great Western Trail

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    The vast and faraway land of New Zealand awaits you! You are now a runholder traveling with your flock of sheep at the beginning of the 0th Century. You need to help your family farm prosper and adapt to the new challenges that emerge.

    Head out on the trail one last time! Let's welcome the baaing sounds of sheep around the table! Here are some of the new elements that you will discover in this game:

      • Customized start by each unlocking a disc of their choice from a white cornered space.

      • A fourth type of worker: sheep shearer.

      • Introducing a second delivery type: wool.

      • Various sets of bonus cards each game.

      • Advancing on the pathfinder track will unlock different bonuses.

      • Half of the neutral buildings will change mid-game.

      • Streamlined job market and upkeep when delivering your sheep.

    This stand-alone game is the epic conclusion to a great trilogy to include in your collection!

    - $69.99

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