Black Leather Lite Spell Book Design Self-Standing Large Dice Bag

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    This leatherette dice bag measures 7x7x5 inches, seals tightly, and provides a unmatched quality feel.  Our man-made leather-like material, we call Leather Lite, is a strong and durable material which includes an interior liner to protect your dice.

    • Built tough - for gaming! Made of a fine man-made material that allows easy opening and great flexibility
    • Self-Standing: Stands open on it's own and allow easy access without dumping the contents out of the dice bag
    • Easy Close:  Easy to cinch drawstrings complete with 2 claps that allow spill-free storage
    • Bag of Holding:  Holds around 400 dice easy

    Not only does this large dice bag look awesome -- it's built to last!  Check out the entire series of Leatherette Dice Bags, pick out your favorites, and blow your friend's minds at the gaming table!

    - $20.00

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