1/24 Scale Kit Blockbuster

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    Hexa Gear is a plastic model kit series from Kotobukiya featuring combat vehicles and gear in 1:24 scale. The Hexa Gear Blockbuster Model Kit consists of 300 parts and measures slightly under 11 /2-inches long upon completion. With two air maneuver thrusters, Blockbuster has the ability to fly. Without being influenced by the terrain, it can speedily move to the shooting area. It can cover the front lines by shooting at a long-range with precision, and is thus considered a high-mobility fire support aircraft. It's main weapon is the sniper cannon, which is a compact electromagnetic projection cannon that has unprecedented hypersonic speed which guarantees the accuracy and penetration of it's shots. Build and customize your own combat machines set in the storyline of the Hexa Gear world

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