Event Organizers


Join the Community

The Grognard gaming community is growing like crazy here in the Roselle/Schaumburg area and we want to say “Thank You” for helping us make this dream a reality!

We have been successfully running gamedays, tournaments, Magic: The Gathering events, miniature gaming leagues and campaigns, role-playing groups, as well as adding a lighted hobby area and extra tables and chairs! 


Help Us Grow the Community

Do you own a game but can’t find any players? Let’s organize a demo day or beginner tournament.

Would you like to play games with different people but don’t prefer hardcore competitive environments? Let’s organize a casual/friendly or themed event.

Maybe high-powered competition is what it’s all about for you? Let’s organize a winner- take-all tournament.

Do you enjoy painting models or have a special skill you would like to share with others like sculpting or diorama/scenery building? Let organize a workshop or seminar.


Earn Event Prizes

Do you love the story behind a game and/or enjoy creating a story behind your army or characters? Let’s organize a campaign or league.

For events scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance, Grognard Games will also be donating $5 in store credit to the event for every four players that attend. 

If you are interested in becoming more involved in growing this community, call the store or send us an email at info@grognardgames.com with the word “Community” as the subject.