June is a BUSY MONTH!!!

by Grognard Games

We wanted to keep you updated, there are many amazing events coming up in the next few Months. Here is a short list of events and important dates to come take a look at just in JUNE! Please be aware table space at the Roselle store may be limited due to these releases and events: 

  • June 2nd - Star Wars Shatterpoint releases
  • June 5th - HMGS Night featuring Memoir '44 
  • June 10th - Pioneer RCQ for Magic the Gathering
  • June 16th - Pre-release LOTR for Magic the Gathering
  • June 17th - Legion Tournament
  • June 23rd - Release date for LOTR Magic the Gathering 
  • June 24th - Infinity ITS Tournament
  • June 24th - (Batavia) Market Garden Flames of War Event
  • June TBA - 10th Edition of WARHAMMER 40k!!
  • June - Every Friday Night FNM Drafts / Saturday Pioneer / Sunday Commander
  • June / July - Age of Sigmar League (Roselle)
  • June - X-wing League (Roselle) Followed by Championship Tournament on July 7th.

Regular Events:

  • Monday : X-wing Open Play / Shatterpoint
  • Tuesday: AOS / Warhammer Specialist Games
  • Wednesday: Marvel Crisis Protocol / Bushido
  • Thursday: Infinity / Warhammer 40K
  • Friday: FNM Magic / Battletech / Legion 
  • Saturday: Event Days / Saturday Pioneer 
  • Sunday: Warhammer 40K / MTG Commander 

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